Tim Harrison

by Tim Harrison

MAGUIRE ©Tim Harrison and Second Avenue Songs 1999 I can still see crowded nights As you moved towards the mikes A cheshire cat in black beret You came to sing your poetry - and we did listen You sang with pride and grace Of trials that we face And ballads that would stir The son of the Clydeside carpenter - with holy vision CHORUS: You sang “Hillhead Friday Night” and “Rocking the Boat” and “I Believed I Could Float Beneath A White Moon” “Beneath A White Moon” You would talk of celtic bards And histories so hard You held the giants of the past In your palm against the blast - of our deaf time CHORUS I believe the only way To take stock and celebrate Is to double what we do When we lose the ones like you - are you really gone? CHORUS
In Dark Irish Kitchens ©Tim Harrison and Second Avenue Songs 1995 In Dark Irish kitchens Upon Grandfather’s knee She heard the reels go ‘round and felt The lilt and the melody There were stories from the darker side Of famine and of war Black Kilkenny stones and peat-kept bones Bards from Sligo gone before Chorus: And the whistles sang and the fiddles flew And the pipers piped in the morning dew And the more she heard the more she grew In dark Irish kitchens Then one day out walking A fire was in her head She heard a whistle sound so clear Angel choirs upon a thread Hot breath into the whistle She played to the moon and the sun She played until the sounds inside And the sounds outside were one Chorus: Now each day her fingers dance She breathes her joy and her pain In the new mown hay or the winter's fray She finds her own refrain….
TWO HEARTS BEAT IN GALENA ©Tim Harrison and Second Avenue Songs CH Two hearts beat in Galena Two hearts burn like the sun In the hills of Galena Two hearts beat as one, they beat as one In a world full of struggle In a world full of pain In a world with no glory I can look to love again CH When you think you’ve got nobody No love can you find It may help you to remember That it can all come in time The stars in the heavens Can bend to kiss the ground The moon can shine like silver Lost souls can be found Because... CH You can reach out in the darkness You can reach out for a friend You can reach out for a lover Who may stay to the end. CH x 2 In the hills of Galena Two hearts beat as one
WHAT’S ALREADY GONE ©Tim Harrison and Second Avenue Songs 1984 Didn't we plant our rows deep and long Didn't we tend them when we could Didn't we try to make the whole thing strong At least we said that we would CH At this point don't it just get crazy Dust in our eyes from the days gone wrong There's not much left and we just get lazy Giving up on what's already gone, what's already gone Didn't we walk on summer evenings Didn't we gaze up at the moon I guess that hearts that touch in the dawning light Don't often get to touch past noon CH Didn't we try to find a balance Didn't we try to get along Didn't we start out singing sweet harmonies And wind up singing different songs At this point don't it just get crazy Dust in our eyes from the days gone wrong There's nothing left and we just get lazy Giving up on what's already gone
COAL TATTOO ©Billy Edd Wheeler 1963 (arrangement by Tim Harrison) I’m goin’ down that coal road leavin’ this town Hear the rubber tires whine Good bye buckeye and white sycamore I’m leavin’ you behind Cause I’ve been a miner all of my days, layin’ down track in the hole Got a back like iron wood bent with the wind And blood veins blue as the coal, boys, blood veins blue as the coal Somebody said that’s a strange tattoo That you have on the side of your head I said that’s the mark of number 9 coal Any closer I’d have been dead Still I love the rumble and I love the dark I love the cool of the slate But I’m goin’ down a new road lookin’ for a job It’s this travel and lookin’ I hate, boys, this travel and lookin’ I hate I stood for the unions and I stood on the line Worked against the companies I stood for the UMWA Now who’s gonna’ stand for me ‘cause I got no money and I got no pay All I got me is a troubled soul And this blue tattoo on the side of my head Made by number 9 coal boys, made by number 9 coal When I die and I go to heaven Land of my dreams I won’t have to worry about losin’ my job To hard times and big machines
TRAIN GOING EAST ©Tim Harrison and Second Avenue Songs 1972 Packed my suitcase and I packed my man Star spangled night and blue clouds that spanned the skies We weren’t going blind, weren’t looking behind Some angel was guiding our way Chorus: It’s like a train goin’ east Like a beggar at the feast Like a friends in the morning Up off their knees It’s like dogs in the alley Like birds in the air Like when you float down the street And you haven’t a care My friend once told me that he’d had a dream Filled up with visions that were meant to relieve the mind I said that’s OK, blow ’em down my was Cause there’s moving to do but not much time Soaring on bridges and rays of the sun Sweet windy pastures and a soul on the run from me The morning time came, dawn played some game And the rest just took voices to sing
Healing Power ©Tim Harrison and Second Avenue Songs Get back to the healing power Back to the healing power Back to the power in your soul You've been twisting in a black wind 'Cause you got heard somewhere in the past You've made a script to live by Something you believe will last It's the story for a lifetime There's always someone you can blame It's well rehearsed and gotten so slick Day after day it's always the same Get back to the healing power Back to the healing power Back to the power in your soul One day you'll forget to remember What your old plot was all about You'll be caught up in a spotlight And there will be no way out Someone sailed a deep oceam Where they'd never been before Someone climbed a big mountain And never ever looked back anymore You are a child of your god It doesn't serve if you stay small Don't be afraid to let your light shine Don't be afraid to stand up tall Get back to the healing power Back to the healing power Back to the power in your soul
Philosophers’ Dreams ©Tim Harrison and Second Avenue Songs 1999 On a plane across the ocean Philosophers’ dreams don’t fly at home You get caught by those who know you Mystery sinks like a stone We all work for common wages Of our most secret heart Life goes on and some will see it Maybe heed the craft or art But if you care they treat you like a fool Like you’re not wise to all of the games known And you seek towards a vision Maybe more than bread alone Here’s to those who keep the lamp lit Trying to find some other truth And here’s to all the ones in garrets Who pass them on to me and you When we move on some music may remain here Something of use perhaps may be revealed On giant shoulders we are standing Now Titan hearts must take the field On giant shoulders we are standing Now Titan hearts must take the field
INSIDE THIS SONG ©Tim Harrison and Second Avenue Songs 1983 You have opened up the door Your bag in hand and we embrace But you won’t live here anymore Or even want to leave a trace You did not find the things you seek Your shadow puppets did not play I can’t find the words to speak Or even ask if you could stay It’s funny how a passion’s fire Can make flames that burn as ice And how love makes us a liar An alchemy to sacrifice You can see inside this song We once embraced as lovers do And the pictures that went wrong Are mirrors inside me and you The years go by the story ends And we start all over new And if you ever ask a friend Yes sometimes I think of you
In The Barroom Light ©Tim Harrison and Second Avenue Songs 1980 Well he walks down the street And the people he meets See a face with a mask he has gotten And the man that he hides Never losing his stride Cries out please don’t let me be forgotten So he hits the bar for a while Driven in by the smile Of a ghost that he sometimes remembers With his time measured out He stops to think about The life that he may have surrendered CHORUS: And it looks alright in the barroom light Where the world seems to just disappear You can laugh at it all as you stare at the wall You think you’ve got nothing to fear Smoke rises thick From the place where he sits And he dreams of the way it could be And through distant eyes He sees beautiful lies As a shot from the glass brings relief He turns to leave With some kind of belief That he’ll make it by somewhere somehow He hasn’t the time To stand and stare down the line If he’s really got places to go


This was a follow-up CD to "Bridges," a CD which got some attention and a lot of critical acceptance...there was some pressure on this one... Diann Haist again provided the beautiful cover art. www.diannhaist.com


released January 1, 1999

Tim Harrison, vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin; Dennis Pendrith, bass; Al Cross; drums and percussion; Gary Craig, drums on Tracks 2, 4 and 5; Joao Carvalho, mandola; Chris Quinn, banjo; Kim Deschamps, dobro; Zeke Mazurek, fiddle; Rick Fielding, mandolin; Rick Whitelaw, acoustic guitar; Loretto Reid, whistles, flutes, concertina; Chris Whiteley, trumpet; Chris Gale, saxes; Liane de Lotbinere, background vocals; Dee Potter, background vocals on "Maguire;" Beverly Kreller, background vocals; Mose Scarlett, background vocals; Jack Breakfast, piano; Kevin Gould, organ, accordion and background vocals.


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Tim Harrison Nanaimo, British Columbia

Tim Harrison has worked as an artist, songwriter, and as a creator of arts events.. Along with founding the Owen Sound Summerfolk Festival,Tim has been Artistic Director of the Mariposa, Northwind, and Eaglewood Folk Festivals, and the Big Fish Music Fest.
Tim has released eight highly acclaimed recordings of original material and has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada.
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